How to order:

In the “ORDER NOW” section of this website select the product you want to buy and complete your order by clicking in the PROCEED TO CHECKOUT link. As soon as possible you will receive the confirmation email with payment instructions (if within 24 hours you still haven’t received our email please check your spam or junk folder, or if this folder is hidden like it can be with some email providers, check your settings).

Payment methods:

We accept payments through bank transfer, several money transfer services and bitcoins. When you make the payment please reply on the received email with the instructions we sent you and send us back reference number (tracking code) of the payment you made (for money transfer services) or the copy of the bank transfer receipt.

There is not a minimum order amount.


Most of the orders will be shipped within 48 hours from the received payment. We will announce by a pop up window if there is any delay shipping so you may know it before ordering. We are obligated to send you exact type, brand, strength and quantity of the medications you ordered if they are available in your country. If not we will replace it for the best available option. Please check more about our shipping procedures here.


As soon as we ship your order you will get email with its tracking number and it will be also updated to your account here, so you will be able to follow the package progress first on the post of origin website and later on the website of the post in your country. We are shipping from different locations so please allow up to 15 working days for the package to arrive to US and the rest of the world and less for the European continent and nearby countries. Please check the status of your parcel by tracking number we sent you as sometimes it happens that package arrives to your post office but just stays there for days without proper delivery to your home. We will reship your package once if it get seized.

Orders over 600.00 USD will be able to select free shipping.

Please notice that we are not reshipping to Brazil, Canada, French Guiana, Iceland, India, Italy, New Zealand, Norway, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, South Africa, Taiwan, China, UAE.


You can contact us at any time if you have any question before your order or considering the order you already made. We will be glad to answer and assist you in any way.


We are selling medications in good will, not only to make profit but as well to help people to get the medicine they need but can’t buy in their own countries or can’t afford their prices there. Many of us were in such situations in which Big Pharma and corrupted medical systems or social securities are depriving patients from getting medications their life sometimes depends on. We presume that you are ordering medication because you really need it and that you know how to use it properly. We strongly advise that if you are trying medication for the first time, prior to order seek advice from  medical specialist or consult many good forums or websites on the internet where doctors and patients exchange their experiences and help each other. We cannot be responsible for any consequences caused by abuse or misuse of medication we supplied you with.

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